The CCP has implemented the strict “zero-COVID” policy for the past three years since the outbreak of COVID-19. this has led to chaotic pandemic restrictions. Recently, a video was posted on Weibo of an employee at a tea shop in Daqing city, Heilongjiang province greeting customers. The employee welcomed each customer but Market Supervision Department officers pretending to be customers said that she was supposed to ask customers to “scan the code” first, and then place their order. The shop was shut down. The incident has sparked heated discussions, with some netizens lamenting that the pandemic restrictions have reached the highest level of insanity.

According to Guancha, the incident happened at 9 a.m. on November 10. A female employee was greeting customers at the counter when she saw a middle-aged man in a blue jacket enter the shop. The employee immediately welcomed him. A few seconds later, seeing he did not scan the health code, she quickly said, “Please scan your (health) code.”

As a result, the middle-aged man said, “It’s too late!” He then claimed that he was an officer of the Market Supervision Department, and criticized the employee, “When customers enter the store, the first thing you have to tell them is scan the code.” The shop was ordered to close for a day. Then two men in uniform entered and took out a seal and told the female employee to pack up and leave.

It is no coincidence that another merchant near the tea shop said that their shop had been ordered to close up shop for a day because the electronic thermometer to measure customers’ temperature in the store died. He said, “This summer, the frequency of unannounced visits is relatively high, about three or four times.”

After the video was posted on Weibo, many netizens criticized the measure. Sound of Hope quoted some netizens. One said, “Of course, the service industry must put customers first, what’s wrong with saying ‘welcome’ then saying ‘please scan the code’?” Another said, “The City Supervision Department is short of money and idle, so they have to do that, right?”

According to Sound of Hope, many netizens on Weibo criticized the Daqing city government for its unruly law enforcement. Under pressure from public opinion, the Zhaozhou district government in Daqing, Heilongjiang said that the District Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Commission had set up an investigation team. It was found that the three people of the Supervisory Bureau actually did not comply with the law. they were rude, and caused trouble for the shop by abusing their authority.

According to NetEase, an employee surnamed Wang of the Supervision Department apologized to the owner of the tea shop and asked for understanding. The three were demoted, removed from law enforcement, and reprimanded.

Some netizens think that the punishment was too light and that the officers should have to compensate the shop owner for lost business and if the female employee got fired then they should have to compensate her as well.

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