On the morning of November 11, an accident happened on subway line 11 in Shanghai, at rush hour. At the scene, smoke and fire rose and there was a loud explosion. There are still no reports of casualties.

A video shows lots of explosion flashes and smoke coming from the subway, followed by a huge explosion.

The Shanghai system reported that workers were rushing to repair an industrial equipment problem on line 11 and to expect a delay of at least 60minutes. Witnesses said that there were no passengers on board at the time, so there were no reports of casualties, and subways were immediately re-routed.

At 9:00 a.m., the Shanghai Subway’s official Weibo account announced that line 11 had an electrical short. The scene was accompanied by an explosion, smoke and fire, but arson is not suspected.

At 10:00 a.m., a notice was issued stating that, repairs had been completed and operation had been restored.

In a separate notice, subway officials said that due to the incident, power had been interrupted and they were forced to evacuate two trains.

The report indicated that a large number of passengers were affected because the incident occurred during the morning rush hour. Some netizens commented on the subway’s official WeChat account, saying that after waiting on line 11 for more than half an hour, they were asked to get off the train and use other means of transportation.

In some videos circulating on social media on November 11, the train was stopping at the metro station, a female witness said, “Oh my god, the subway is about to explode and it’s full of fire!” Soon after, the explosion occurred. The woman exclaimed, “Oh! It’s over, it’s over!” In the video, a witness exclaimed, “Oh my god! It’s terrible!”

Twitter account Hirokii posted a video with the caption, “Shanghai subway line 11 explosion accident.”

Twitter account World News – Essence Edition also posted two videos and added, “Welcome November 11: Explosion of metro line 11 in Shanghai.”

Another video, revealed by Twitter account Jia Jia, is said to be Shanghai’s subway line 11.

Vision Times quoted people.

Onew said, “It’s terrible, there have been a series of accidents lately!”

“It seems that two train cars have exploded, fire and smoke in the first car is relatively intense. It explodes many times, the possibility of people being injured is very high.”

Shangguan News reported that November 11 is Singles’ Day every year in China. The subway accident that happened on November 11 was accidentally on line 11. Some netizens scoffed: “On November 11, line 11 broke down, and only line 11 can take you to work.” In April 2019, a fire and an explosion also occurred at Huizhen Station on the Pujiang subway line, Shanghai.

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