According to Da Ji Yuan’s report, the Shanghai government has increased its crackdown on petitioners in the past two months. Among them is Yu Zhonghuan, who has persistently complained for the past 28 years.

Fearing harassment and arrest, many petitioners fled Shanghai. However, Shanghai security forces tried many ways to restrain them, including luring them back to the city.

On Sept. 25, Yu told Da Ji Yuan that Shanghai security had found his hiding place in Yunnan and persuaded him to return to Shanghai.

After that, Da Ji Yuan’s reporter could not contact Yu, and the authorities in Shanghai did not respond to Yu’s missing case.

Yu Zhonghuan is a resident of Pudong, Shanghai. In 1994, the authorities illegally demolished his ancestral home even though he had a valid real estate and land certificate. Since then, he has not stopped complaining at all levels of government.

However, when he filed a complaint with the superior government, his petition was returned to the lower government. His application eventually returned to the local level that ordered the demolition of his home.

During the 28 years of pursuing the case, the government constantly pressured him and mentally terrorized him. Even in 2014, he was sentenced to 8 months in prison for disorderly conduct.

Yu once endured a nine-hour interrogation that sent his blood pressure up to 240, his feet became swollen, and his skin turned red.

Yu’s life became even more difficult when he had a daughter born in 1999 with cerebral palsy.

Yu said his demolished house has an area of 1,200 square meters, but he only asked the government to compensate a small part of the land, enough for his daughter to have a better life. But the authorities still did not respond to his request.

Since the Chinese Communist Party has dominated China since 1949, this force has nationalized all the people’s assets. In theory, the Chinese in Mainland China have title to all of the property across the country, including the land.
However, in reality, they have no ownership rights to any particular piece of land, which is a loophole for the government to deprive people of their property using forfeiture orders. As a result, there have been many lawsuits similar to Yu’s over the decades.

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