Tianjin obliges nucleic acid testing. 123 citizens warned for not testing

Within eight days, seven cities in China, including three major cities, Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin, reported a highly infectious mutant strain of Omicron BA.5.

The Chinese regime continues to increase pressure for compulsory nucleic acid testing or PCR.

Sina reported that on July 6, a comprehensive nucleic acid test was conducted in Xijing County, Tianjin City.  

After Siping city stipulated that people who do not do enough testing will be fined and Wuxi city records those who don’t, police warned 123 citizens in Tianjin for “evading a nucleic acid test,” and four others were detained.

On July 5, 6, and 7, the entire Jinnan District of Tianjin City conducted nucleic acid testing for all residents for three consecutive days. On the 8th, according to Article 50 of the “Public Administrative Sanctions Law of the People’s Republic of China,” the police department detained and fined four people for not participating in nucleic acid testing, and four others were warned.

According to the news from Tianjin Radio and Television on July 10, according to incomplete statistics, a total of 14 people in Hedong District were reprimanded for not participating in the test without any reason and were required to do additional testing, 123 people in Xiqing County were reprimanded, and eight people in Jinnan County were detained or warned and noted in their records for not doing adequate PCR tests according to government requirement.

The Tianjin Epidemic Prevention Headquarters also threatened that those who refused to participate in the nucleic acid test would be fined and have the information registered in their records.

This strong measure is not only being implemented in Tianjin. According to the compilation of People’s Daily Health Client, other localities have had many similar incidents.

Not participating in the required nucleic acid testing, designated a yellow code

On April 17, Dalian New King Disease Control and Prevention Headquarters discovered through the big data comparison and community investigation that 33 people had not participated in the required nucleic acid testing in Dalian, Liaoning Province. This information will be included in their personal records and handled by police under the law.

Siping, Jilin province: Not testing more than twice, detained for ten days, put on a ‘dishonest’ list 

On May 31, the COVID-19 Disease Prevention and Control Headquarters of Siping City, Jilin Province, issued a “Notice on the implementation of nucleic acid testing on urban residents on June 2”, stating that the local area will conduct nucleic acid testing for all residents from 6 am to 5 pm on June 2. Those who do not take the test will be assigned a “yellow code” to restrict access to the community and public places. Those who fail to participate in the nucleic acid test twice or more will be subject to administrative detention for ten days, fined $74, placed on the list of dishonest people, and exposed publicly in the media.

Wuxi, Jiangsu province: Not taking the test within the regulated time will be assigned a red code.

On July 7, the official website of the Xinwu district government of Wuxi city issued a “Notice on further strengthening of epidemic prevention and control (No. 68).”

The notice stated that starting from July 8, the nucleic acid test for all people in the area will be carried out from 6 am to 11 am daily, and all residents and employees must attend on time. “Individuals who do not have a nucleic acid test within the regulated time will be noted into a personal credit information system and have a red code, and will be restricted to access to various public locations.”

Not doing nucleic acid testing without reason will be noted in a personal credit file

On April 17, the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters in Tianchang City, Anhui Province, issued a “Notice about strict handling of nucleic acid testing regulations for all citizens,” said that if you do not take the required test without reason, it will be noted in the personal credit file. At the same time, people are required to monitor each other and actively report. There will be a reward of $300 for each case reported.

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