A scene ‘between crying and laughing’: Tangshan’ catch mafia’ leader inspects ‘Thunder Storm’ HQ

Inspection to “catch mafia” of Tangshan Party Committee Secretary and Mayor exposed—However, all the computers were turned off while officials inspected the “work” still going on late at night.

According to China’s domestic news channel Hebei Daily, at 1:00 a.m. on June 15, Tangshan City party secretary Wu Weidong, mayor Tian Guoliang, and other officials arrived at the Tangshan special operations headquarters “Thunder Storm.” Netizens were surprised that the officials openly posed for pictures. But in the official video, the computer screens in front of the “hard-working police” were all turned off. Netizens are outraged, saying, I knew they were posing, but I didn’t expect them to be so ridiculous and shameless!

Why did they make the 1:00 a.m. check? According to the article, the police must be on duty 24 hours daily. They are “not allowed to rest for even a minute, not to make even one mistake, not to miss a day.”

A video shows the officials arriving at “Thunder Storm” HQ to perform a check. They stand behind staff politely to point and direct work, but all computer screens are black.

Netizens could see from screenshots of the news released by the Chinese official media that all the computer screens were off.

The policemen welcoming the leader were also pretending to take notes with a pen, but their paper was blank.

On June 13, of the few news articles about the Tangshan beating case, the most popular search on Weibo was “Many rooms of the Tangshan Public Security Bureau are still bright at 8:00 p.m.” However, according to a notice in the lobby of the bureau, the staff had finished working.

Sound of Hope quotes some sarcastic comments from Chinese netizens:

“The Tangshan Public Security Bureau was just established today. Leaders come to check the work, some brand new computers have just been brought in and have not been turned on. Thanks to the party and government actively listening to public opinion, filming and editing videos in the middle of the night. The police are very capable masters.”

A person said, “There are many units that turn on the lights after 8 p.m., never seen such hypocrisy. When will you announce the victim’s injuries?”

Another commented, “This time, the party secretary of Tangshan and the mayor arrived at the Tangshan City Public Security Bureau at 1 a.m.. They wanted to check if the employees were still ‘working hard’ then. The screen is all black, and they even give a welcome? Why did they attempt to pose/pretend from the top to bottom?”

“The Tangshan mayor’s survey was like a joke; the computers the police were using all had black screens. That is “fight black society” (in Chinese, black society describes the mafia).

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