A graduate medical student majoring in urology has died after not being allowed sick leave by a superior.

According to Apollo News, this medical student worked for West China Hospital. Before the student passed away, he was diagnosed positive for COVID.

After working late to prepare for the next day’s work, at 12 midnight on the 13th, the 23-year-old student suffered a cardiac arrest. Despite being taken to the emergency room, the student was unable to be revived.

Netizens have spread the chat between the student and a superior, who the student calls a teacher.

The student said he had a fever, and the superiors said he was also unwell but continued to work. That means students will still have to work.

After the incident, the managers of West China Hospital’s Urology Department asked other students not to post this information online.

The post-graduate student passed away amid students of many medical universities taking to the streets in recent days to demand proper and fair treatment.

The students who joined the protests said that the hospitals did not care about them. Many students are sick but do not have time off and have to take care of themselves. Even they are not provided with enough protective gear while working.

Meanwhile, other students raised the demand that workers should receive equal pay for equal work.

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