On November 24, it was reported that a man in Chongqing gave a public speech at the gate of a residence saying, “There is only one disease in the world called ‘no freedom and poverty,’ and now we all have it.” Faced with a minor flu, “the city government has made a mistake.” People listening to him applauded. Then the police came and arrested him but fortunately the people rescued him.

On November 24, netizen “Teacher Li is not your teacher” posted a video with the caption, “Today, a superman with a backpack was at the gate of a residence in Chongqing, scolding pandemic staff for being henchmen, criticizing the sky-high prices of carrots during the lockdown, drawing applause from the people around.”

In a video, a woman praised, “You are a great hero!” Another woman said, “Let me get a video of you!” The man said, “I’m not doing this only for myself!” Then he pointed to some security guards and said: “You are all henchmen. A courageous man would never accept orders and help them (anti-pandemic staff)!” One woman kept saying, “Well said! Well said!”

In another video, several police officers can be seen watching the man. He pointed to a pandemic worker and said, “They are just minions of nucleic acids.” Then he pointed again to the policeman and said, “Please remember, men of integrity, everything you do now is just for the boss of the nucleic acid company.” 

Someone made a video, of several policemen pushing the man down, some officers grabbing him by the neck and some using their bodies to prevent people from approaching. Many residents, including an elderly woman, kept shouting: “Do not use violence!” The residents scolded the police and some broke through the police to stop them. Finally they rescued the man.

The Chongqing man has been praised by many netizens, with Vision Times citing some comments. One person said, “The spirit of a revolutionary uprising is ready! Overthrow the Communist Party! Destroy the Communist Party so the world can breathe!”, Another said, “Hope he will be safe. His actions may be more dangerous than those Foxconn workers are fighting.”

One netizen said that if more people followed his example the country would be better off.

Some have praised the Chongqing man as a lonely warrior. RFA reported that the video of the lone man protesting the CCP dictatorship on Sitong Bridge, in Beijing before the CCP’s 20th National Congress has spread around the world, making the phrase “lonely warrior” go deep into the hearts of Chinese people. After October 13, this phrase became associated with China’s civil protests, and it became a protest call and banner, floating around social media in Chinese protest groups at home and abroad.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, citizen journalists including Zhang Zhan, Fang Bin, Chen Qiushi who learned the truth about the pandemic in Wuhan and spread the information outside are also considered lonely warriors by the outside world.

Lin Shengliang, an exiled dissident in the Netherlands, said to RFA, “The lonely warrior must first overcome fear. The reason why many people do not want to stand up and speak up is because of the fear inside them. If there are countless examples to encourage them, gradually these people will stand up.”

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