A couple who are civil servants in Gaizhou City, Yingkou, Liaoning Province, stopped at a gas station during the long National Day holiday to refuel. They got into an argument with a female gas station attendant over toilet paper.

On October 10, a video went viral on the internet showing a woman wearing a yellow T-shirt arguing with a female gas station attendant. The attendant was trying to explain what her said but the female customer was having none of it and even threatened to have the gas station attendant fired. Her husband added fuel to the fire, “My wife just sits at home and gets a 5,000 yuan salary (about $696).”

This gave the woman some confidence and she mocked what the attendant was wearing and went on to brag about her watch, “Your whole body is not worth a dime compared to my watch, my 400,000 yuan watch (about $56,000) can buy your life!”

According to Sina, the couple are in joint ventures with many families and friends to participate in sea cucumber farming activities to earn money.

On October 8, the Internet News Office of Gaizhou City, Yingkou, Liaoning Province issued a notice confirming that the man involved was the head of a unit at a factory in Gaizhou City. His wife is a retiree. In the end, the police fined the wife 500 yuan (about $69.50) for openly insulting others, issued a warning to the couple, and proposed the company dismiss the husband.

Many Chinese netizens have spoken out, Vision Times cited some comments, 

One netizen said, “Having money is her problem, but why does she think 400,000 yuan can take someone else’s life?”

Another said, “Gaizhou is the number 1 poverty-stricken province in Liaoning … The cause has been found.”

Some netizens thought that the fine is too small, “Is this considered a punishment?”

One person commented, “Only 500 yuan? Is this also a penalty? I recommend that the fine should be a percentage of their total assets!”

Cases of flaunting wealth and overindulgence in China have become commonplace. This year, in Shenzhen, “Miss Bentley” appeared to brag about her wealth. She revealed that her husband is the secretary of a state-owned enterprise, and said she “has 50 Bentleys at home.”

On June 5, in the basement parking of Baoneng mansion in Shenzhen, an argument broke out. A woman argued with the owner of a Rolls-Royce for occupying her parking space. The woman said, “I’m driving my Bentley over to block his car, I haven’t driven this Bentley for months, I have another 50 Bentleys waiting at home.”

During the argument, the Bentley woman boasted that her husband is the secretary of a local state-owned enterprise. Netizens then investigated her husband, Zhang Xiaozhong, who works at Zhenye Group, a listed company under the Shenzhen State Financial Commission. Zhang is the secretary of the Disciplinary Council and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company.

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