A man suddenly owns a huge fortune after 15 years of forgetting his stock account

People in China were recently stirred up by a man earning 50 times the return on his original investment because he forgot about his stock account.

According to Chinese media, a man with the surname Chen in Taizhou, Zhejiang, opened a stock account 15 years ago. When staff checked the account they discovered an abnormality in Chen’s investment account.

An employee of the securities company’s sales department shared with Times Finance, “The customer’s account information is not standard, so I contacted the customer to update the information, but due to the long passage of time, the customer’s phone number had changed.”

The securities company had found Chen through his close friends. The account was then restored. And surprisingly, after 15 years, Chen’s initial investment of 10,000 yuan had increased 50 times.

The stock company also said that in daily account management, they find many inactive accounts. However, there are very few lucky cases like Chen.

Smoke-filled Sichuan streets 

Recently, a video shared on the internet shows a strange phenomenon in Sichuan.

Footage shows smoke coming from 2 sides of the road as if something is burning underground. Fire trucks were also present at the scene, but after a fireman pulled out the water pipes, he could only watch because he didn’t know the cause or where the fire started.

Interesting wedding as the groom was replaced by a girl

A wedding is a big event, and any bride and groom want everything to go smoothly. However, a couple’s wedding in Anhui recently encountered an unexpected incident that made it unique.

According to Chinese media, a recent wedding in Anhui was held with full ceremonies, but a girl replaced the groom. The ceremony was to start, the guests had arrived but where was the groom? He was suddenly quarantined and could not attend his own wedding. With no other choice, the two families asked the groom’s sister to step in for her brother.

Unusual weddings like this have been happening in China since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. They can’t oppose the government’s pandemic regulations but can’t delay the wedding because they’ve been planning it for a long time.

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