Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic in China, strict pandemic measures remain in place. This is also the cause of many unfortunate incidents that affect people’s lives. 

On October 28, a video on the internet shared the story of a man from Zhengzhou during the COVID lockdown. The man said that he and some friends drove to the Yellow River for a short camping trip.  However, when they were leaving to go home, city authorities suddenly imposed a snap lockdown due to an outbreak in Zhengzhou. The man and his friends were trapped in the wilderness for two weeks. 

With nowhere to go, they had to build a makeshift tent to survive. They relied on the remaining supplies they had brought with them. They fried eggs, made cakes and noodles to eat. And people nearby sent some supplies to help them out.

To round out their meals, they tried to find some edible beans in the wild. They also caught a few fish. Fortunately they were able to use the car battery to charge their phones, so they were able to communicate with the outside world.

The men said that they were less concerned about food but worried about the cold weather and rain.

The story of Zhengzhou citizens camping in the countryside, surviving in the wilderness for two weeks has become a hot topic on Baidu. Netizens also comment about this story. Most people sympathize with these trapped people.

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