Recently, a video of a truck driver in Shanxi, China, in a state of mental breakdown went viral on the internet. In the video, the driver said that he tore the truck door seal, got out of the truck to go to the restroom, then was asked to quarantine for seven days and had to pay for himself. The video has attracted the attention of the public. As a result, the. The case was on the hot search list on November 8.

The truck driver is a man in his 50s. He was driving to the junction of Hancheng – Hejin, Shanxi province. Because of a stomach ache, he parked the truck in a service area, then ran to the restroom.

When the driver got out of the toilet and was about to leave, some anti-pandemic staff suddenly stopped him, ordering him into quarantine for seven days at a cost to himself of more than $10 (75 yuan) a day.

The anti-pandemic staff order made the driver extremely angry. He said that the driver’s job was in trouble, and no one spoke up to help the drivers. So why would they make him pay tens of dollars?

After the above video went viral, the number of views on Weibo reached more than 100 million. Many netizens believe that handling the situation by anti-pandemic staff is inhuman.

As quoted by The Epoch Times, some netizens sighed, “Even their human dignity is almost gone.”

Others asked: “It’s been three years, has the pandemic subsided?”

“If the pandemic control level is tightened, how many people will be hurt? Countless people have already suffered. How can the economy not be affected?’

According to official regulations, truck drivers are not allowed to tear the seal and get out of their truck arbitrarily. When detected, they must be quarantined, even if they have negative nucleic acid results.

According to a report by the hot news column “Emergency Call” of China News, in the early morning of November 8, the Weinan City Center for Pandemic Control and Prevention, Shaanxi Province, replied that, on November 6, a Shanxi truck driver arrived in Hancheng to deliver the goods. On the way back, his truck door seal was broken. According to local pandemic prevention regulations, the driver must be quarantined. The driver said he went to the restroom, but the information cannot be verified.”

The report said the driver’s nucleic acid test result was negative that day, and the anti-pandemic staff finally allowed him to go.

A netizen commented that the employee who said this should be put in the truck for seven days to see if he could stand it.

Jiangsu Social News editor “Xiao He Social Theory” said in an article on November 8 that the current pandemic prevention policy seems to pay little attention to the needs of truck drivers. Humans have three urgent needs. First, small solutions can be solved with a bottle, and big solutions should be solved with a car toilet. It is unrealistic.

Since the pandemic’s beginning, truck drivers have been “not welcome” because they often go everywhere, and their risk of infection is much higher than the average person. They can very quickly become a source of infection. Therefore, in many places in China, truck drivers are strictly controlled. Whenever there is a pandemic, they will be stopped, quarantined in the truck, and have to eat and sleep there.

The article read: “Life like this may not be felt by outsiders, but as colleagues, we certainly feel how bad it is. Imagine you have to stay in a cabin for a few days. That life is not easy at all.” The article said that truck drivers have a high risk of infection, but that is not what they want. During a pandemic, they must transport supplies and always be on duty, “so we must not forget their contribution.”

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