‘Return our children to us’—Parents of missing children rally at Quanzhou government gate 

A group of parents of missing children gathered in front of the government building in Quanzhou city, Fujian province, on July 28 to call on the authorities to help in the search.

Video shared on the internet shows that they placed a search notice on the ground over 10 meters long (more than 32.8 feet) with the missing children’s information.

They said, “We are child-seeking parents from all over the country. A large number of facts prove that our children are basically sold in Quanzhou. We implore the relevant departments of Quanzhou City to open a case to investigate and return our children to us.” [video]

It is impossible to estimate the specific number of children trafficked in China.

However, Yao Cheng, a former lieutenant colonel staff officer of the Communist Party of China Naval Command who has defended the rights of abducted women and children, told New Tang Dynasty TV that he suspected police involvement behind the scenes.

He said that after women and children are abducted and sold, the buyer will pay for the police to be enrolled with household registration, so the police are reluctant to look for a missing person.

A desperate cry for help: Man calls police due to money pressure

According to the Chinese government website, China has achieved a comprehensive victory in the battle against poverty. By 2021, after the reform and opening, 770 million poor people in China’s rural areas were lifted from poverty according to the current poverty standard. 

However, people still struggle to have a stable life, especially during China’s economic recession. 

On July 17, due to money stress, a man called the police station to say he wanted to commit suicide and he was considering whether to break the law or not.

He cried and told the police: “There are 4 children in the family, and the salary of 5,000 yuan [742 dollars] can’t support it at all.” Then asked, “Is it illegal to commit suicide?”

Many residents left their comments about this situation on social media. Netizen Han said, “5,000 yuan is quite high, and most people in China are only 3,000yuan [445 dollars] per month.”; another said, “Many such families, such as our family…are still holding out.”

Floods wash away railway bridge in Jinzhou, freight train derails

China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. reported that at 8:40 p.m. on July 28, an old railway bridge on the Dahushan 大虎山-Zhengjiatun鄭家屯 railway in Heishan County, Jinzhou City, was washed away by floods. A coal train was disconnected while running on the bridge and part of the vehicle fell off.

The Beijing Daily reported that freight train number 84614 of the Shenyang Bureau Group Company of the State Railway Administration derailed 361 meters ( 1184.3 feet) from the Dazheng Line. The preliminary judgment was that the bridge pier tilted due to heavy rains. [video]

The official notification did not disclose how many train cars fell in the accident, and no casualties were reported.

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