According to the legal basis: “People’s Republic of China People’s Police Law,” article 23, the people’s police must dress by the regulations, wear the police ID card, maintain a neat appearance, and be dignified.

Therefore, if the police officer does not show a valid law enforcement document, the person concerned has the right to ask the police to show the law enforcement document. If the other party fails to produce a valid law enforcement document, it may be a fake police officer, and the person concerned has the right to refuse the inspection.

A video shared on Twitter shows a resident being intimidated by the police when he asks to show his police badge while at work. In the video, the policeman angrily said to the citizen, “For the police, as long as you wear a uniform, you can do it! What do you need a law enforcement ID card for?”. 

The policeman considers the citizen’s request to be unreasonable and illegal and refuses to answer the citizen’s request. After that, the citizen asked about the police work number, but the policeman didn’t say anymore and took the citizens’ phones.

Many netizens also discussed this issue enthusiastically. User @Gzhanggui said, “At first glance, it was a temporary policeman who was earning extra money. He didn’t have a work permit, the words are not clear, no level. He didn’t expect to encounter a tough case.”; user @Miles said, “In fact, it doesn’t matter if the real police or the fake police are all a group of minions, tools of the ruling class, deceiving people.”

Car deliberately hits delivery man in Shenzhen

On the morning of July 19, a traffic accident that occurred near Nanshan Market in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, made people furious.

 A video shared on the internet shows a delivery man was suddenly hit by a car. It’s worth mentioning that this car backed up and deliberately tried to hit the man again. Luckily after the second hit, the rider survived. He managed to get up from beneath the car and was trying to leave the scene.

According to Takungpao, the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment and is not life-threatening. Police are still investigating further into the accident.

Netizens have left many comments about this accident. A netizen said “Are we living in a world where humans live?”; another comments, “It was a bloody murder.”

Heaven-like gate opens in Chengdu, Sichuan

A Weibo video shows a large beam of light dividing the Chengdu sky into two parts as if opening a large gate. One part is blue sky and the other is gray.

According to Sohu, this happens to be a weather phenomenon with warming clear and dry skies on one side and high humidity and thick clouds on the other.

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