A recent COVID outbreak has made several staff working at Foxconn’s factory in Zhengzhou, Henan province, flee the factory and return to their hometown. Special police were also reportedly dispatched to Foxconn for control.

According to Chinese media Apollo, numerous Foxconn employees fled, and the police overnight detained the employees while blocking the factory.

Additionally, there are reports of special police entering the Foxconn factory and attempting to prevent the workers from leaving.

A large number of Foxconn workers reportedly fled the Apple factory in Zhengzhou on October 29. 

Many videos on Chinese social media show many people walking on foot for days to escape the factory. 

The move came after many workers were put under quarantine earlier this month due to the COVID outbreak.

Several Henan county governments sent open letters to Foxconn workers overnight at the same time. Employees leaving Foxconn must report ahead of time and isolate themselves in their houses.

Many online users reported crying after watching the video of Foxconn employees running away in Zhengzhou.

Yuan was one employee who escaped Foxconn’s facility in central China. Due to the matter’s sensitivity, he refused to give his full name.

He told Reuters on Sunday, October 31, “We were shut in on October 14, and we had to do endless PCR tests, and after about 10 days, we had to wear N95 masks, and were given traditional Chinese medicine.”

Yuan’s journey wasn’t successful as authorities from the city of Xinxiang on the other side caught him 50 km (30 miles) short of Hebi.

Yuan stated, “I’ll never go back to Foxconn,” adding, “Zhengzhou has given me a chill in my heart.”

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