Ah Jun, (a pseudonym) is a 28-year-old man from China, who works long hours for an internet company. He recently began to feel unwell, suffering from weakness and low energy. After a week of suffering, he was deteriorating and began to suffer from severe diarrhea, so he sought medical attention. The doctor noticed his eyes and face were yellowish, and after tests, Jun was diagnosed with early-stage liver cancer.

It was determined the probable cause of his illness was his habit of drinking a glass of fresh milk daily, reports Chinese media Sohu.com.

Jun could not finish the glass of milk each day, and he had been storing it in the refrigerator. The doctor pointed out that it was a dangerous habit, as fresh milk may produce harmful bacteria or toxins if stored in that way for a long time, or the toxins may be present already.

For example, large doses of aflatoxins, which can be present in milk and other dairy products, can lead to acute poisoning (aflatoxicosis). This can be life-threatening, usually through damage to the liver after long-term use.

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