Many parents are concerned with encouraging their children not to play with their phones at mealtime. But, surprisingly, this 10-year-old granddaughter in China instructs an 88-year-old grandmother not to play with mobile phones!

On October 16, a woman named Yu from Zhaotong, Yunnan, China, posted a video on the Internet of her 88-year-old grandmother eating while staring at her phone screen.

When she took her niece to see her grandmother, her grandmother ate while playing with her phone, being nothing more than an “elder internet-addicted girl.”

Her niece’s parents usually taught the 10-year-old not to use smartphones during meals. So she sat aside and quietly advised her great-grandmother, “Great-grandmother, don’t watch it. It’s almost time to eat. Don’t watch it. It’s almost time to eat.”

According to Ms. Yu, her grandmother had good eyesight and hearing and was in good health.
On the other hand, her grandmother paid no attention to her grand-daughters advice and even engaged her neighbor’s grandmother in playing with her smartphone.

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