A Chinese woman’s video asking her 95-year-old grandmother if a woman should marry for love or money goes viral.

An unnamed woman from Guangxi province asked her 95-year-old grandmother if a woman should marry for love or money.

The grandmother replied, “Just marry the one you love.” The granddaughter was surprised because she did not expect her grandmother to have such an open attitude.

Grandma said we don’t marry for money because someone who doesn’t love you won’t give you money.

The grandmother added, “If he doesn’t love you, you won’t get the money. It only works if he’s willing to share the money with you.”

Many netizens agree with the grandmother’s concept.

One person commented on Weibo, “Grandma is quite clear-headed.”

Another Weibo user said, “I couldn’t agree more. At least when you regret your choice in the future, there will still be some good memories left.”

Many pointed out that marriage in China today poses a dilemma for many women.

Shen Yifei, a researcher, said that matchmaking is a mainstream way for people to get married in China. Marriage becomes a marketplace. They are looking for a match based on conditions rather than love.

Parents often list their son or daughter’s job, income, and housing at many weekend matchmaking corners in China’s urban parks. They do that to ensure their child can find a match in a competitive marriage market.

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