A video of an older man being beaten by a female nurse was posted on May 4. After its circulation, the man’s relatives recognized him and revealed that he had just passed away. His family questioned the cause of death.

The video’s title is “Shanghai nursing worker beating the elderly.”

In the video, a thin older man in a hospital gown is sitting on the ground shouting in a large, poorly equipped room full of beds. A woman in blue gave him orders and kept kicking and beating him. Then, seeing that he was still disobedient, she turned around and brought a wooden stick to threaten him. She then hit the older man’s hand with a wooden stick.

The video is suspected of being filmed by another patient in the same room. It quickly attracted the attention of a large number of netizens after its online post. Some local netizens pointed out that the location of the incident was thought to be the Bund Community Health Center in Huangpu District, Shanghai.

On the same day, the Weibo account “Escape from Beicai Garbage Town” posted confirmation that the old man was his 87-year-old grandfather. His grandpa was in poor health and was transferred to the hospital. The family couldn’t visit his grandpa after they were quarantined on March 18. All conditions of his grandpa relied on the video provided by the hospital’s medical staff. The older man passed away on May 2.

His family cannot imagine his grandpa being kicked and beaten by a carer before he died. It was entirely wrapped up when the grandpa’s body left the hospital. The funeral personnel did not let the family members approach. The family could only stay far away, watching from a distance.

The netizen added that his grandma loves his grandpa so much. Therefore, the family has kept the grandpa’s status a secret from grandma because they are afraid she cannot accept this tragedy.

The family learned that the video was filmed on April 27. They called the police on the evening of May 4.

Edi, a netizen, said how the children of the elderly feel when they see this kind of video. In China, abusive behavior in nursing homes is presumably typical. So don’t take the job if you don’t want to care for the elderly.

Shanghai Huangpu District Health Commission issued a notice on May 5 to confirm the situation. The nurse involved is working at the health center’s inpatient department, and she has been under suspension. The working group of the commission has investigated the hospital.

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