L’Unione Sarda, a local media outlet in Sardinia, Italy, posted an image of a check on June 18, showing the big housing transaction. According to the report, a mysterious Chinese woman had paid a lump sum of 84 million dollars to buy a local super mansion.

The mysterious rich person was Nani Wang, who made an all cash lump-sum payment of 84 million dollars to the bank account of the seller on April 8 of this year. She didn’t use a mortgage to take advantage of tax deductible interest  payments. 

Known as one of the “Top Five Mediterranean Estates”, the mansion is located on the famous beach of Porto Cervo and was owned by British magnate Lord Charles Clore in the 1970s.

The mansion is set on 4 hectares of land with 3 private beaches, 49 rooms, a theater, a helipad, and a private swimming pool.

However, the real name of the woman is unknown. All that is known about her is that she is 33 years old and a “Chinese e-commerce giant” born in Jiangsu Province, China.

According to Sina, no available information about Nani Wang in the public domain except Tianyancha and Bloomberg show Nani Wang is a former board member of JD Health International Inc, established in Hong Kong in December 2018.

JD Health was listed in Hong Kong in 2020, but the name Nani Wang doesn’t appear in its “Board of Directors.”

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