On June 26, the online consultation activities carried out under an order from Xi Jinping received millions of opinions from the people. However, experts said the referendum was simply a show play, and the CCP would ignore it.

Previously in February, Xi gave instructions to gather and study citizens’ opinions and suggestions on the work related to the Party’s 20th National Congress. He also had relevant parties look into it.

According to Xinhua News, from April 15 to May 16, the activity received more than 8 million suggestions from netizens.

However, the outside world assumes that under the current political situation in China, Xi can’t have an actual public opinion. 

Some speculate that this might be a CCP strategy to lure out their rival parties. In addition, to submit an opinion, people must provide their info, which means their safety may be at risk if they make sensitive comments.

Radio Free Asia cited Chen Kuide, executive chairman of the Princeton Chinese Society in the U.S., that the authorities only tolerate opinions on innocuous issues. Anything related to politics, such as anti-epidemic policies, China’s relations with Russia or the U.S., or Taiwan issues, and opinions entirely contrary to the CCP’s policies and Xi Jinping’s attitude will not be considered.

As for the democracy process proposed by the CCP leaders, experts believe it is just an empty slogan. 

Commentator Tang Hao analyzed that people in China can’t even vote. The CCP’s so-called democracy seems to be a mere saying, not an actual act. In his Crossroads of the World program, Tang compared the CCP’s “full democracy slogan” to a democratic writing contest.

Many netizens are well aware of the CCP’s lies. One of them wrote that they would die of laughter when CCP stated it considered its people’s opinions—adding that its pretense has long been normal.

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