To remain stable during the sensitive time before, during, and after China’s 20th National Congress, China authorities insist on COVID prevention and control and other security measures. As a result, many tragedies have been reported.

According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, on October 21, a netizen named Wang Wenjing allegedly posted on Wechat Moments that her 56-year-old uncle was sent to Ruzhou No. 1 Senior High School for quarantine on October 17. However, she claimed that her uncle, a retired soldier, died on the morning of October 21 due to delayed medical treatment.

Wang went on to say that family members were locked at home and not allowed to go out. She said her uncle was fine but died after going to the quarantine site for 3 days.

A similar tragedy also occurred in Ruzhou. A teen girl reportedly died of a high fever at a quarantine facility in Ruzhou, Henan. The video then circulated on Chinese social media and sparked the public’s anger over its draconian COVID approach.

The family is currently appealing for accountability and justice.

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