reported on October 25 that low housing prices-related topics in the coal city of Hegang have recently attracted nearly 700 million views on Weibo.

​“Girls born in the 1990s buy a house in Hegang for $2,000(15,000 yuan),” and “Hangzhou boys move to Hegang for $5,500(40,000 yuan)”. 

The paper said reporters from Shandong Business Daily and Subao News Network interviewed post-90s boys on this hot event.

At the end of 2021, Xiao Zhao, who works in Nanjing, bought a suite in Hegang for only $2,000.

Compared with the 15,000 suites in Hegang, the rental price in Nanjing made her feel a heavy burden.

Xiao Zhao is only 25 years old this year and works as a painter. Because she can do her daily work online, she said she came to Hegang to become better instead of swinging with Nanjing’s price rent.

Xiao Zhao said, “There is no pressure, and there is no mortgage crisis.” 

Xiao Zhao said, “Because there is no mortgage, the remaining water and electricity bills can be paid. As for food expenses, a month’s salary of 3,000 yuan in Hegang is enough.” 

In the small town of Hegang, except for the cost of living, Xiao Zhao lives a very peaceful life.

Xiaomei is from Jimo, Shandong, and has been in the clothing business in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

Xiaomei also bought a suite in Hegang. Xiaomei paid $5,500 for the whole house.

Xiaomei said, “This is not the ‘ghost city’ or ’empty city’ as mentioned on the Internet. There are top 100 high schools and tertiary hospitals. You can drive around the entire city in an hour.”

Although she gave up the restaurants and bright lights of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, she got the comfortable life she wanted. 

Xiaomei added, “The clean streets, the warm-hearted citizens, and  grass and trees make me feel calm.”

Another post-90s couple, Xiao Hao and his girlfriend worked in Hangzhou, but they bought a house for $5,500 (40,000 yuan) in Hegang and moved there two years ago.

Xiao Hao said,” 40,000 yuan not only bought a house but also opened up opportunities in life. ” 

He is now engaged in self-media work and real estate brokerage sales, helping people who want to settle in Hegang buy houses remotely.

Hegang is also known as Coal City. Today, it is a resource-exhausted city.

The houses for less than $13,700(100,000 yuan) are old communities or homes without elevators on the top floor.

What kind of person is Hegang suitable for? 

A local expat said, “the so-called freelancers are suitable for working on the Internet, such as online stores and self-media.”

Unlike Xiaohao, who settled here with peace of mind, there are also evacuees.

The Hegang municipal government has also realized new opportunities for urban transformation.

The news of 50,000 available suites in 2019 also made Hegang famous overnight.

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