An eight-floor residential structure in Panshuwan, Changsha, Hunan province, suddenly collapsed at noon on April 29.

According to the official report, the government completed the operation by 3:30 a.m. on May 6. The rescue team was able to find and rescue 10 survivors trapped under the debris, while 53 were found dead.

As NBC reported, all survivors are in good condition and received medical treatment.

Many medical college students who rented houses were trapped in the building. A list of 36 missing medical college students was posted online but then removed. This called widespread attention and outsiders have speculated that the actual death toll due could be higher than the official figures reported.

Mr. Hu (nickname), a local source acquainted with the situation, told Da Ji Yuan on May 1 that authorities had hidden all information concerning the disaster.

He added that people nearby could still share videos and messages when the building first collapsed, but now private media cannot approach the scene anymore. Armed police arrived and cleared the area.

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