On October 10, a recycling resource enterprise in Wujiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, had a fire. More than $69,000 (500,000 yuan) in cash went up in smoke.

The enterprise immediately went to the bank to identify, count, and replace as much of the money as possible.

On October 11, identification and inventory work was complete. More than $33,000 (240,000 yuan) was recovered, making up nearly half their losses.

According to the video shot by local media, the burned cash is of many different denominations. Much of the money was charred. The bank had to work very carefully to classify and confirm.

A bank employee said it is tough to determine and calculate the amount of money that was severely burned with such a large amount.

She added that that day there were eight sorters. After more than 10 hours of intense work, the job was finished.

According to the company, the cause of the fire has not been determined.

Likewise, in August, a fire occurred in Hubei at the home of a woman by the name of Zhou. The bank had to work hard to count the damaged money and exchange it for over $20,000 (147,550 yuan).

Industry insiders reminded people that preserving and replacing cash is very difficult. Therefore, citizens should try their best to deposit some money in the bank, not leave it at home.

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