According to Reuters, on October 8, a court in Hong Kong sentenced some minors to three years for participating in an “armed revolution.”

A total of five teenagers were sentenced to prison. They were accused of inciting others to subvert state power” through an organization called “Returning Valiant.”

Hong Kong also punished two 21-year-old and 26-year-old youths in the same case as the above five teenagers. Penalties for these two people convicted of crimes against the state will be released later.

Justice Kwok Wai-kin said these people had called for a revolution to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They put out appeals at street booths and on Instagram and Facebook.

Their actions violated the Hong Kong version of the national security law passed by the Chinese National People’s Congress.

Kwok said, “There’s no evidence to directly prove that anyone was incited by the defendants to subvert state power, but this real risk exists.”

At least 22 people involved in the “Returning Valiant” were arrested last year. Some face charges of plotting terrorism under security laws.

The CCP applied a new version of national security law for Hong Kong following pro-democracy protests on the island in 2019.

Pro-democracy activists and organizations are campaigning to repeal this act, as they fear the CCP uses it to deprive people of fundamental human rights.

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