Last Sunday, on September 27, Beijing announced the list of 2,296 representatives attending the 20th National Congress. 

This is 4 seats less than the list of 2,300 delegates announced in June.

Among 4 spots left is Zhou Wei, a 56-year-old member of the Gansu Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee. He died suddenly and unexpectedly on July 21, just a few weeks after being chosen as the representative of the 20th Party Congress. The official version says he died of an illness. But at the time, rumors on social media said Zhou Wei died after falling from a building.

The identities of the other three are unknown.

The Chinese Communist Party’s 20th National Congress is coming up soon, and there is a lot of fierce competition among various factions within the party. Anti-Xi forces have been spreading a lot of unfavorable rumors about Xi Jinping.

Just a few days ago, Sun Lijun, the leader of the “Sun Lijun political gang” and a former CCP deputy minister of public security, was given a life sentence with a suspended execution. 

In addition, Fu Zhenghua, a former CCP deputy minister of public security, and Wang Like, a former Jiangsu provincial political and legal committee secretary, have both been sentenced to death in Shanghai. Their sentences were put on hold. Other officials, like Gong Daoan, former heads of public security, Deng Huilin, former chief of public security in Chongqing, and Liu Xinyun, former director of Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department, were all given harsh punishments.

According to “Crossroads of the World” host Tang Hao, Xi Jinping’s attack on the “Sun Lijun gang” is a message to Zeng Qinghong, the current commander of the Jiang Zemin faction. Power struggles within the CCP are at their most dangerous right now. Xi’s move to clean up the political and legal system is a warning to all party factions.

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