Disneyland was dubbed “the happiest place on earth”, and now it’s a Halloween nightmare. Visitors trapped in Shanghai Disneyland have been told they cannot leave until they test negative for COVID.

The Disney Resort in Shanghai was abruptly closed on October 31 to comply with COVID prevention measures.

As soon as the announcement was made, about 34,000 visitors were instructed to stay at the park until they tested negative for the virus. The Shanghai government announced on social media that visitors  from October 27 must be tested for 3 consecutive days. Shanghai Disney Resort said on its website that it made the decision on the grounds of “epidemic prevention and control.”

This blockade order was applied after a tourist who went there tested positive.

This is the second time in 2022 that the Shanghai Disney resort has been forced to close. Previously, this park and hotel complex was forced to stop operating for 10 weeks from March 21.

The games are still active and open to visitors to the park. But no one can leave until they get a negative test result.

Traveler Li Ming, 38, told SBS Australia, “I’m a little disappointed because we have been waiting inside for a long time today. We flew here from Shenzhen for Halloween because it has fireworks. Then today, there were no floats, no fireworks, and no parades… I’ve been waiting inside until almost 10 o’clock before coming out, cold and hungry.”

Shanghai health officials said 568 new infections were detected in October, putting tens of thousands of residents in 20 areas under lockdown for seven days.

On October 29, Universal Studios Park in Beijing, which opened at the end of September, also tracked down tourists who came here to visit over the weekend because of its connection to a COVID infection.

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