Caixin reported on March 31 that 189 corruption cases at all levels in Hunan were filed since the major grain-producing province launched corruption probes into the grain industry in September 2021.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection or CCDI announced that 336 Hunan officials received punishments, while 82 others were detained for alleged corruption in grain purchase and sales.

The inspection found over 3,000 issues in more than 1,000 grain-related units and 660 grassroots grain depots.

Most of the accused officials hold high-ranking positions and have served in the Hunan grain system for a long time.

Accordingly, Zhang Chongyong, former deputy general manager of China Grain’s Hunan branch, was under investigation after six months of retirement in December 2021. The Yueyang City Discipline Inspection Commission in Hunan has identified more than ten enterprises with more than 30 close contacts involved in Zhang’s case.

Like Zhang, Hu Haofu, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and Hunan Tianxia Dongting Grain and Oil Industry’s general manager, was detained and investigated in December 2021.

Hunan’s investigation list in December 2021 also mentioned Ouyang Zijin, former party secretary, executive director, and general manager of Central Reserve Grain Changsha Direct Subsidiaries Co.; Xu Fei, supervising and inspecting commissioner of Central Reserve Grain Hunan Branch, and Cai Hongbing, chief of the storage section of Central Reserve Grain Yueyang Direct Subsidiaries Co.

The heads of the Xuefeng Grain and Oil Purchase and Sales Company in Suining County, Hunan, including Mo Zhaihuang, Yuan Zipu, Tang Jianhua were also accused of corruption.

These officials have taken advantage of their position to inflate the grain storage proportion by 2%. After reselling, they earned 0.1 Yuan/kg for the price difference.

The Chaling County Party Committee’s inspection team of Zhuzhou City, Hunan, has found clues proving that the Wumen Huimin Agricultural Machinery Farmers Professional Cooperative had purchased wet rice at a price of at least 12 yuan per 100 catties lower than the market price. The report said this act had seriously harmed farmers’ interests.

On November 30, just one day before Zhang Chongyong’s investigation was made public; the CCDI announced ten typical discipline and law violations cases in grain purchases and sales in different provinces.

The list mentioned Wu Xincheng, former Party Group secretary and Shaanxi Provincial Grain Bureau’s director; Wang Yinfeng, former party committee secretary and the Chongqing Grain Group’s chairman.

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