The city of Urumqi in Xinjiang province has been under lockdown for more than two months since the latest COVID broke out in early August, and the pandemic is still spreading. Due to lockdown and COVID measures, more than 3000 patients with renal failure could not have dialysis, placing their lives in danger.

“Urban China” magazine wrote on Weibo that dialysis patients in Urumqi, Xinjiang, are still battling to survive after waiting at home for five to 10 days. According to patient comments, Urumqi has only two hospitals for treating dialysis.

On Oct. 14, the daughter of a dialysis patient posted on Weibo, saying that she accompanied her mother to Urumqi International Hospital because they said they had 30 dialysis machines. It was three days before she even sighted the life-saving machine. More than half of the 87 patients weren’t receiving dialysis, and four machines were in the aisle without being used. 

It has been six days since her mother’s last dialysis. But no one seems to care. She said she would not transfer her to other hospitals because they would not take her.

The post also said that it had been two weeks since Urumqi started locking down the area. The number of dialysis patients has increased, but the treatment process has not been fully opened. An official from the Wuhan Hemodialysis Quality Control Center said that if he gets infected with COVID, his chance of survival is over 90%. But if he doesn’t get dialysis, his chance of survival is 0%.

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