According to Apollo News, a series of IELTS test locations in China have been canceled. The reason given is the requirement for COVID pandemic control.

 IELTS is a renowned English language test for study, migration, or work. The test center of Renmin University notified that IELTS exams had been canceled on a large scale from November 25 to 30. The exam has been canceled in areas where the pandemic is raging.

According to the Beijing Institute of Technology, the exam scheduled for November 27 was likewise canceled.

Shandong Qingdao University, computer-based IELTS test, has also been postponed to November 27. 

Nanfeng City, Shanghai, the computer-based IELTS exams have been canceled from November 28 to December 31.

23 other test locations have also canceled the test nationwide and the exam rooms mentioned above.

BBC reported that China had notified its highest daily rate of COVID infections since the pandemic started, despite strict steps to eradicate the virus.

31,527 cases were identified on Wednesday, November 23, as compared to an April peak of 28,000.

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