A court in China’s Hunan province has ordered three siblings to take turns taking care of their nearly 80-year-old mother after she filed a lawsuit against her children.

According to the Court, the anonymous old lady lived alone and was left bedridden after accidentally falling in June.

At first, she tried to devise a plan with her three sons to take care of her. But the three refused to take care of their mother, so she had to ask for the intervention of the local court of Taoyuan district, Hunan.

The hearing was held at the older woman’s home because she could not move out of bed.

The judge told the trio, “Whatever wrong your mother may have done to you, you three did not grow up by drinking dew.”

The trio then agreed to abide by the court’s decision to take turns caring for their mother.

According to the SCMP, Taoyuan County has this precedent with a series of similar cases brought up at the courts over the past few years.

Last December, a couple in their eighties from a village in the same county took their four children to court after they refused to support them. They asked each of their children to spend $43 in alimony per month. This money is less than half of the county’s average monthly spending.

Many wonder how this can happen in the land of Confucio. The answer is clear. The family is an institution that threatens the communist hegemony. The regime has tried to destroy the family with the one-child policy and by destroying the parents-children bond through education. 

Now, an increasing number of elderly Chinese say they have been abandoned by their children, especially in rural areas.

This has become a deep concern due to the demographic crisis and population aging in this country.

Public data shows that more than half of China’s 267 million aged 60 and over live separately from their children because their children mostly moved to work in the cities.

In response to this situation, in July 2021, Chinese law made visiting elderly family members mandatory for adults to reverse what they have caused in the last 100 years. 

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