Shanghai implements a “zero covid” policy by locking down the city. The tight control of the regime has angered people. Many scandals have occurred around the lives of locals and foreigners.

According to South African media outlet Saffarazzi, Norma’s family was shocked to learn of the death of their beloved daughter in her Shanghai apartment on April 18.

Her family said that Norma, 29 years old, had settled in Shanghai in 2017 and worked as an English teacher at a local school. During the city lockdown, Norma worked from home and kept in touch with her family in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Every Sunday at 17:00, the Blackie family had a custom of gathering for prayer. However, Noma didn’t respond when her family tried to contact her via Zoom on April 17.

The family tried to contact Nomar’s colleagues. One of her country friends got the apartment code and gave it to the police and Covid-19 volunteers to get into her apartment.

Noma Blackie’s death has been confirmed, but the cause of death wasn’t revealed.

ZA South Africa reports that many people said Noma died of starvation on Twitter.

According to the South African, Farzeen Rashed, a former South African journalist residing in Shanghai, verified that there are food shortages because the government controls the food supply.

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