Besides common outcry about food and medicine shortages, complaints about the quality of Shanghai’s quarantine centers are also emerging.

Beibei, an asymptomatic patient who has spent 10 days in a makeshift hospital in Shanghai told AP News, “We haven’t found a place with a hot shower. Lights are on all night, and it’s hard to fall asleep.”

The 30-year-old saleswoman said the bathrooms are not too clean, as “So many people use them, and volunteers or cleaners can’t keep up.”

Beibei and her husband have been spending their nights at National Exhibition and Convention Center after their home Covid-19 test came out positive. According to AP News, they had to leave their 2-year-old daughter, who tested negative, at home to Beibei’s dad.

On social media, multiple footages of unclean public toilet areas have also emerged over the past weeks.

One of the videos showed a floor flooded with yellow-like water. One other depicts badly clogged toilet seats with piling litter. Both were claimed to be at the same place Beibei was staying at.

The National Exhibition and Convention Center is considered Shanghai’s largest quarantine site, which can offer beds to 50,000 people.

AP News said it obtained a video which showed wet beds and floors in a different facility, which were caused by a leaky roof.

Shanghai officials have required that all residents who tested positive for Covid-19 must be isolated in the quarantine center. That includes a week’s mandate for those being asymptomatic.

Beibei told the outlet that in her isolation place, people are showing “no obvious symptoms.”

She said, “There are people coughing. But I have no idea if they have laryngitis or omicron.”

Beibei said she only had a stuffy nose and lost part of her taste and smell for a short period, but now she has recovered. The woman said inhabitants of the site are checked twice a day for fever. They are also told to update their health information on mobile phones.

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