The report of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ’s 20th Congress has 17 mentions of the word “struggle,” 50 times the word “security,” and 26 repetitions of the phrase “national security.”

Writer Zhou Xiaohui wrote an article published on NTDTV on October 23, saying that the 11th part of the report said, “ensure national security and social stability” and takes politics and economic security as the foundation. The report also emphasized “ideological security” and “food security.”

The report mentioned the term “socialist market economy” only two times, showing that CCP’s biggest concern is still its political security.

Xiaohui’s article said that CCP faces political security problems within and without.

Currently, the pressure from the outside is enormous, and the CCP is increasingly isolated. It allegedly tried to cover up the COVID epidemic, and because of this, the COVID pandemic spread around the world.

Along with seeing how the CCP deals with pandemic-related issues, the rest of the world has come to its senses and seen more clearly the dark nature of the CCP.

The U.S. and its allies are tightening their grip on CCP isolation activities. The recent ban on chip exports from the U.S. is a new step by Washington to increase pressure on the ruling power in China.

Xiaohui said, “… among the anti-Xi forces are not only Jiang Zemin, but also Jiang Zeng. Corrupt officials at all levels whose interests have been damaged have supported liberals and reformers inside and outside his system, many ‘second red generations,’ the so-called middle class such as intellectuals, and ordinary people who have suffered from the epidemic.’”

An example is the case of a citizen setting banners on Sitong Bridge to protest CCP policy. The banners aimed at Xi’s fiction, such as opposing the “zero-COVID” policy or directly condemning Xi.

Xi’s report to the 20 Congress also called on party members to prepare for turbulent situations.

“Wind waves” is a word frequently appearing in CCP discourses recently. It shows that CCP has concerns about its continued existence.

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