In Shanghai, two officials were investigated on April 19 for their irresponsibility in distributing necessities to residents. China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection named Ren Weiping, deputy mayor of Meilong Town, Minhang District, and Li Shuang, director of the Economic Development Office.

The department’s report showed that these two officials had failed to supervise the food distribution process. The report said that they distributed poor-quality pork products to the residents.

Further investigations on Ren and Li have been carried out. At the same time, the two were removed from their current positions.

On the same day, China’s state-run media People Daily reported that Shanghai police had detected spoiled pork meat in four batches of basic living necessities in Meilong Town. They found that the frozen pork products had too much fat, poor taste, mainly trimmings, spoilage, and other problems.

The report stated that the Meilong Township Government and Shanghai Zhiyu Industrial had signed a contract worth over 7.6 million yuan (around $1,1 million). Accordingly, the company would provide the town with 110,000 pork products before April 15.

The security department also found that this spoiled meat was distributed at market price.

In the meantime, some Shanghai residents have already taken to the internet to express their discontent.

A Weibo user complained about the pork meat she received on April 14. She said that 80% of the meat was fatty parts with unfresh color. Many people had thrown it away after receiving it.

This Weibo user even criticized the authorities. She asked whether this pork was for the human being and complained about how the government spent the residents’ tax.

Another Shanghai resident shared the same experience with the Chinese state-backed news outlet The Paper on April 19. A woman surnamed Yu from Yangpu District said that many of her neighbors had ordered sets of pork belly and ribs. The sets cost up to 37,600 Yuan (around $5,8 thousand). However, many reported that the goods were of low quality, describing them as bubbling, smelly, and unfresh.

In a video circulating online, boxes of spoiled pork meat were put on the ground. The video shows that the meat came from Zhejiang province, near Shanghai. A woman in the video said the meat was left rotten before distribution.

The financial hub’s locals have long complained about poor living conditions in quarantine areas. The lockdown has left them suffering a lack of medical treatment and a shortage of food and vegetables. Currently, the poor quality of the supplied food even fuels public outrage, with many comparing the situation to the “Great Famine.”

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