Shanghai girls pull banner to parade

The 20th National Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party had just finished its closing ceremony, as a parade was taking place in Shanghai.

An online video shows two girls parading down Xiangyang North Road in Shanghai on October 23. They hold a banner that reads “Don’t want it” repeated three times. It is reminiscent of the banner hung on Sitong Bridge on the day of the start of the Party congress. One of the girls’ friends remarked that they’ve always wanted to do this.

According to NTDT, the video caused a stir on the Internet. A Shanghai person said it was related to Shanghai party secretary Liqiang getting a new position in the state politburo that day. He was responsible for locking down Shanghai in early April, leading to secondary disasters that caused complaints from residents.

Drink cola, this is a measure of a Chinese doctor to clear gastric stone

Recently a story about a doctor’s unique cure for stomach stones went viral on Chinese social media.

According to Chinese media, following the doctor’s advice to drink coke for a week, the patient, Li, from the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous area of southern China, was shocked to discover the stomach stone was gone.

The doctor prescribed the treatment after reviewing the patient’s eating habits. The doctor said that Li ate persimmons daily which caused the stone to form and grow. It was the size of an egg and caused him a stomachache.

Everyone has noticed this treatment method. However, the expert said that patients should consult a doctor on a case-by-case basis before using cola drinks as a treatment because it can cause other complications and health problems.

Impossible: Man carries sections of tree trunks weighing hundreds of kilograms to earn a living

Recently a story shared on Weibo concerned many people about a poor situation. A man had to choose a dangerous job because of the considerable burden of raising a family. 

Footage shows two men supporting a tree weighing hundreds of kilograms on a wood bearer’s shoulder. The wood bearer struggled with a stick to carry the wooden block down the mountain. It is his daily job to support his family. Xiao, who made the video, said that the wood bearer has two children and two older adults in the family that are dependent on him. His mother had surgery because of heart disease last year, so it became harder for him. Xiao said that he had seen many people carrying wood, but it was the first time he had seen such a strong man.

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