Haidan district authorities announced on May 23 that over 1,800 residents in the Friendship Community must be sent to Zhangjiakou in Hebei for isolation on May 23. The order came after 19 Covid-infected cases were found in the community.
Authorities have also sent over 100 buses to the district for transportation.

According to information from the residents, the transfer has already started on May 22.

Beijing authorities decided to seal off the Haidian district on May 22.
All residents are required to work from home. They also have to undergo COVID testing once a day.

Beijing residents are concerned over the unusual things and extreme measures that they’re going through.

Ye Jinghuan is a resident of Beijing’s Chaoyang district. On Monday, she told Radio Free Asia that she could not believe the authorities had closed many residential areas, though all residents tested negative for Covid.

The resident said that there is no positive case in Shibalidian Township and even the community next to it, but the residents have been locked up for 20 days. Though district officials lifted the ban just two days ago, they still restrict residents from going out.

She said: “When you go out of Shibalidian Township, you need to get an authorized exit permit, nucleic acid test certificate, etc.”

The resident also said that her community had been locked up for weeks. During this period, residents must work from home. Schools, restaurants, and buses are suspended.

Residents also criticized the government’s blocking method. A video shows workers sealing off a residential building in Beidatun, Chaoyang District.

A resident told RFA: “More than 100 households and hundreds of people live on this 26-floor building. Now that the door is completely sealed, what about the safety hazards? What if there is a fire in the building, and what should I do if an elderly get sick? I really don’t know what to do right now. Does this kind of thing make sense?”

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