Nearly 20 officials in Beijing were held accountable or sacked for poor management of the Covid outbreak.

According to the latest news, four officials from the Beijing Postal Administration and eight others from Fangshan District, Haidian District, and Daxing District have received the punishment.

Earlier, six officials from the China Railway Administration also dealt with the relevant charges.

On May 24, the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection announced a cluster of epidemics that occurred in the Changyang branch of Yunda Express this month. Beijing Shunjiang De Transportation Company had to hold responsibility because it contracts to operate the branch. The company has been placed on file for investigation.

Moreover, the commission blamed the officials of the express delivery industry, the Beijing Postal Administration, the Shinan District Postal Administration, and related personnel for not being in place for prevention and lack of supervision.

Wang Yue and Huang Liqun, two deputy directors of the Beijing Postal Administration, were given the punishment of warnings.

Additionally, the Shinan District Postal Administration director Li Guoqiang and the administration deputy director Liu Yanjun were dismissed from their posts.

On the same day, there was a report that a company of China Railway Eleventh Bureau and its units and personnel in Fangshan District, Haidian District, and Daxing District had to take responsibility for a clustered epidemic due to their lack of strict control.

In a press conference on May 14, Beijing’s health commission said that six officials at the China Railway Bureau were removed from their positions or given warnings for letting a clustered epidemic occur in a company of the China Railway 11th Bureau. They include Chen Zhiming, Long Xinqiao, Wang Gang, Luo Lijun, Zhou Zongmin, and Yang Jinchuan.

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