A freezing winter is coming to many places in China. According to the forecast, temperatures in the southwestern province of Hunan will drop to 0°C this Wednesday, November 30. A school in the province has recently sent a request letter asking for donations of winter clothes for thousands of students. The request comes due to the zero-COVID policy. 

China’s strict policy of zero-COVID has slowed down traffic and the flow of goods across the mainland. 

Hunan Preschool Teachers College sent out the request letter. They asked for donations of old winter clothes for about 1,400 students since they don’t have enough warm clothes to survive this winter. The school then explained that it sent out this letter because most courier services were closed due to the COVID measures. This meant that parents could not send winter clothes to their children. 

If enough winter clothes are collected, the group of Hunan students may be able to survive the coming cold snap, but other places in China might be facing the same problem. 

For example, a resident in Wuhan city—where the COVID pandemic originated—complained about courier deliveries and closed cafes. No one knew how long the city would be closed.

China has implemented a strict zero-COVID policy since the beginning of the pandemic. Some local governments, like Hunan province mentioned above, have even put in place more measures to intensify the policy. 
According to Radio Free Asia, all Chinese residents owning a smartphone need to install a health code showing their COVID status. There are three standard colors: red, yellow, and green. But recently, Hunan province has invented two more codes: blue and purple, to classify people into different groups. The health code system has been accused as a way to control people’s movement. It has even been reported it was misused on purpose to curb social protests.

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