Chinese overseas media outlets reported on September 12 that ten nucleic acid testing companies had announced their financial reports for the first half of the year. 

The total net profit exceeded 16 billion yuan, and some companies made a net profit of over $14.4 million (100 million yuan) in just 10 days.

Mainland financial media also reported that the total revenue of the ten companies exceeded 48.5 billion yuan ($7 billion) and the total net profit exceeded 16.2 billion yuan ($2.3 billion).

Among them, the net profit of Lanwei Medicine in the first half of the year was 431 million yuan ($61 million), a year-on-year increase of 338.53%.

Mingde Bio’s profit growth rate exceeded 376%. Golden Mile Medical’s revenue exceeded 8.3 billion yuan ($1.2 billion), and its profit growth was the smallest, reaching 55.11%.

Gu Guoping, a retired professor in Shanghai, said, “They are all bound by interests when they make nucleic acid. This nucleic acid is the local government delivering benefits to interest groups. So the regime will continue to test nucleic acid with you.”

At present, people who do not undergo nucleic acid testing will be assigned a yellow code or a red code.

Jiang Jiawen, a Dandong citizen from Liaoning Province, said that you couldn’t go anywhere if you didn’t take the test.

He added that people say the regime takes advantage of this pandemic to tame the people. 

Besides, the regime uses nucleic acid to gain economic benefits and turns the people’s medical insurance money into money.

According to data from China’s Health and Health Commission, by the end of March this year, there were more than 12,500 nucleic acid testing medical institutions in China.

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