On June 10, 12 consecutive earthquakes occurred in Malkang City, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The highest magnitude of 12 consecutive is 6.0 earthquakes occurred in the area, with a focal depth of 13 kilometers. 4 people have been reported injured so far.

According to preliminary statistics, as of June 11, the swarm-type earthquake had affected 25,790 people in Malkang City to varying degrees and severely damaged infrastructures such as roads, farmhouses, many bridges, and culverts.

Up till now, residents in some counties said they felt the earthquake, but no disaster report has been compiled.

According to Inews, town officials said earthquakes had recently been common in Sichuan, and everyone is used to them. Before the earthquake, there were no warning indications.

“How could such an earthquake be predicted in advance? We have an earthquake emergency plan in our local area and a special earthquake shelter. Everyone stays in the Marcon Square and the gymnasium, and a large number of citizens take refuge in the square,” said an official.

Liu, a resident of Malkang, said, “I was woken up by the shock and realized it was an earthquake, so I got up quickly and didn’t dare to sleep again. The shaking was very big. The whole house was moving, and the windows were shaking violently.”

She and her friends made it out of the building safely, “During the first earthquake, we didn’t leave the house, and the earthquake was a 6.0 that happened at 1:00 in the morning. We only left the house during the third earthquake, but fortunately, we live on the second floor.”

Everyone had to stay on the street overnight, and local disaster relief tents were erected. Some drove to the side of the road, remained in the car, or stayed overnight in a place with few buildings to avoid injury from the earthquakes.

Not only Sichuan but other places also experienced earthquakes. 

In Shijiangzui  Village, Zuomuzu Township, many villagers’ houses developed cracks, and the villagers all moved to temporary tents set up by the government. 

In the shelter site of Aba Prefecture People’s Hospital, more than 100 tents have been set up in the local streets to provide shelter, with 67 for the medical treatment of hospital patients.

On the Weibo page of the Sichuan Earthquake Administration, citizens stated that earthquakes strike virtually every day, causing physical and mental health problems. One of them mentioned having symptoms such as dizziness and tremors, and another claimed that the earthquakes caused them to have hallucinations.

Some people advised them to move elsewhere instead of staying put. But in reality, these people have nowhere to go.

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