On the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, several groups organized demonstrations in Toronto, Canada. They all participated in an anti-communist parade to show their will to oppose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)

According to Radio Free Asia, twelve ethnic groups cooperated in organizing the 11th anti-communist protest in Toronto.

There were more than 300 protesters who gathered to protest outside the Chinese consulate in Toronto and marched to the Ontario Legislative Building.

Along the way, the protesters chanted and held up signs denouncing the authoritarianism of the CCP.

Johnny, a Hong Kong immigrant, told the RFA news outlet that he participated in the parade to show the Canadians the evil deeds of the CCP.

Johnny added that they were not here to commemorate the National Day but to commemorate the national mourning. It’s because the CCP regime has done a lot to Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet. 

He also hoped everyone could gather together.

Young Hong Konger Joshua, who recently relocated to Canada, said that as a Hong Konger living in Canada, they must keep fighting against the CCP’s repression.

In addition to Toronto, more than 100 protesters gathered in the Chinese consulate in Vancouver, another major Canadian city. They voiced their opposition to the CCP’s alleged human rights abuses in Tibet, Hong Kong, and other places.

Moreover, according to VOA News, about 300 protesters marched from Piccadilly Circus in central London to the Chinese embassy, a mile away.
Some protesters threw filth on the five-star red flag, placed it on the ground, and then set it on fire.

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