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London police officers stop Good Friday ceremony for CCP Virus violations

Trending 04/04/21, 00:13

Two Metropolitan Police officers described as "absolutely disgraceful" were seen on public networks on Friday, April 2, disrupting a pre-Easter ceremony at Christ the King Polish RC Church in Balham, London—because it violated CCP Virus (COVID-19) pandemic rules. Although parts of the United States are now open, particularly on religious holidays ...

Joe Biden’s ‘bad dog’ Major caught biting more White House employees

Trending 03/31/21, 00:37

President Joe Biden faces growing pressure to train his aggressive pet canine to be more obedient after Washington officials reported a second dog bite. Multiple Biden administration employees have suffered bites at the hands of the president's male German shepherd. The pet called Major allegedly thought it would be a good idea ...

President Trump approves $19 billion CCP Virus stimulus for farmers and ranchers to protect food supply

Trending 05/20/20, 05:16

Agribusinesses and livestock producers will receive major relief funding from the Trump administration to survive the deadly Asian pandemic. The new federal coronavirus food assistance program will support farmers and ranchers to maintain the nation's food production and distribution network during the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus crisis. "We are providing $19 ...