Honesty brings an abundance of blessings

Culture 09/10/19, 04:48

As the ancient saying goes, ‘good is rewarded with good, and bad is rewarded with bad’.  In compliance with this saying, it follows suit that honesty will bring about countless rewards and blessings. This story is an example of just that. Xu Shaoyu lived at the end of the Qing dynasty, under ...

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘positive thinking’

Culture 09/04/19, 11:01

According to psychiatrists, depressed people are often those who think too much about how to attain success and happiness. People seemingly only rejoice in the success they gain and hardly accept that failure is also a part of life. Trying to be "positive" can make things worse Many self-help gurus recommend that ...

A well-timed compliment can be the most powerful of things

Culture 08/31/19, 08:08

It is said that a compliment, delivered at the most opportune moment, has the power to change a life. This, at least, was true for one little boy from the high mountains of Chicago. Half a century ago, 9-year-old Joel moved, together with his family, from the high mountains of Chicago ...

How George Washington’s Iron-Willed Single Mom Taught Him Honor

Culture 08/20/19, 10:51

“She has been the object of both meaningless praise and more often antagonism from writers who dreamed of a different mother for their hero George,” historian Martha Saxton wrote in “The Widow Washington,” a new biography of our first president’s deeply misunderstood mother.

The effect of music on shaping the soul

Culture 08/16/19, 06:00

Music is a reflection on the essence of life, and when carrying the universal values ​​of the universe and of nature, music can become the best treatment for societies "mental diseases."

The ‘primitive’ but healthy lifestyle of the Amish people

Culture 08/14/19, 12:38

In the early 18th century, there was a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships with Swiss German Anabaptist origins, who migrated to settle in Pennsylvania in the United States. Today they are known as the Amish.  They lead a very simple life, wear plain homemade clothes, and are reluctant to adopt ...

The strangest auction in history

Culture 08/12/19, 08:59

The item for auction was nothing special, just an ordinary portrait from an unknown artist, who happened to be a former soldier. Nobody wanted to buy it except an old man... There was once a collector who had great passion for famous paintings. He was willing to work as much as ...

How traditional marriage was ruined by the sex revolution

Culture 08/10/19, 10:37

Marriage is considered as a strong bond between a man and a woman from which, the couple starts a new life—a new family. This concept of a typical family was quite popular in America before the 1950s. But nowadays, looking at the people around you: friends, relatives, colleagues ... you ...

Where Jesus walked… now unearthed

Culture 08/07/19, 10:30

Archeologists have been working virtually non-stop to excavate the city of Bethsaida, the small fishing village mentioned in the New Testament since the late 1980s. The recent discovery of the “Church of the Apostles,” a 1,400-year-old structure that was said to be the home of Peter and Andrew, the first ...