Solitary Trump

Culture 11/15/20, 16:07

Among countless solitary old men, I saw his silhouette, Fearless and resilient. His name is Donald Trump. God's warrior, He faces not human viciousness, But a scarlet dragon from earlier times, Or the original serpent called communism. The communist specter, filled with virulent hatred, Means to devastate the kingdom of God. It occupied the East with violence, And led the West ...

Where can we find the strength to get through this unprecedented pandemic

Culture 07/28/20, 06:18

The CCP Virus pandemic is sweeping through the world causing unprecedented damage and loss to various aspects of life, including health, economics, education, social interactions, and activities. Facing such a devastating and sudden disaster, that hardly anyone was prepared for. Yet, how people cope with it depends on their mentality and ...

44% of Americans see CCP Virus as a ‘wake-up call’ from God, poll says

Opinion 05/12/20, 09:59

OPINION As the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus has caused the United States an unprecedented, devastating loss materially, physically, and mentally some positive effects have still been observed, notably the spiritual awakening, as relayed in a national poll, reported by Washington Examiner. The Joshua Fund commissioned McLaughlin &Associates to conduct the poll ...

Coronavirus outbreak: Is history repeating itself?

Culture 03/07/20, 19:53

When the coronavirus epidemic swept through almost all the cities in mainland China with unbelievable speed, a death toll on the rise day by day, it might raise the question, did it all come accidentally or are there any causes behind it.