Renters in San Diego could be in for a case of sticker shock when a shed is taking things to the next level, boasting a rental price of $1,050 a month.

A listing recently posted online advertises a 200-square-foot studio having plumbing, an air conditioner, stove and small refrigerator but not having a washer and dryer or parking. The unit is located behind a home in the city’s North Park neighborhood.

“I was amazed it was going for that much money,” neighborhood resident Joe Moreno said. “Does it have plumbing? I mean, does it have facilities?”

The company renting out the property, J.D. Property Management, doesn’t expect to have an issue with the price, considering the former tenant paid $1,100 a month for two years.

“Maybe it is high for what it is offered at, but the reality is that the square footage and the location is exactly what this market needs,” housing industry analyst Alan Nevin said.