The U.S. trade representative has issued a list of Chinese goods worth up to $300 billion to be targeted in the next round of tariffs, realizing President Donald Trump’s announcement “to put on the tariffs.” 

The target list includes 3,805 product categories, ranging from laptop computers and industrial equipment to farm goods but excludes pharmaceuticals and rare earth minerals used in electronics and batteries, The Associated Press cited the representative on Tuesday.

The move came after China announced Monday that it imposed higher tariffs on U.S. imports to the tune of $60 billion in which Beijing said is a retaliatory measure. Last week, the Trump administration decided to raised duties from 10 percent to 25 percent on $200 billion a year worth of Chinese imports.

The trade representative said the list covers essentially all products not already affected by tariffs.

A hearing is expected to be held on June 17 before Washington decides how to proceed.

The Trump administration began levying taxes on Chinese imports in July 2018 to pressure Beijing into changing its policies. A total of $250 billion in Chinese goods are now at the tariff rate 25 percent.

Graphic shows the increasing U.S.-China trade deficit over time and compares with other top U.S. trade deficits from other counties. (AP)

Washington has long accused Beijing of stealing its intellectual property, forcing foreign companies to hand over technology, demanding U.S. firms turn over trade secrets if they want to do business in China, and other unfair trade practices. So the tariff dispute between the two economic powers is considered not as simple as a trade war, but a justice war by Trump administration.

The two sides have held a series of trade talks seeking to end the dispute, with the latest on Friday, but no agreement has been reached so far.

President Trump said on Twitter, “no need to rush” to get a deal with China, warning that Beijing would be “hurt very badly if it doesn’t agree to a trade deal.”

In a series of tweets early Tuesday, he affirmed that the United States has the greater advantage in trade talks with than China.

“China buys MUCH less from us than we buy from them, by almost 500 Billion Dollars, so we are in a fantastic position,” President Trump tweeted.

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