An analysis by Breitbart reveals that Google shows no negative suggestions related to the Marxist Black Lives Matters movement.

When you type the initials “BLM is” into Google today, the only suggestion the engine shows is “BLM Israel” or “BLM issues” and it doesn’t show a list of other suggestions.

The Google search engine generates suggestions for the user and usually these suggestions are the result of previous searches. Since the term BLM or Black Lives Matters, has gained popularity recently, it is highly unusual for Google not to return suggestions in this search, and according to Breitbart’s analysis it is quite possible that the list has been deleted on purpose.

By typing in the full name of the organization, Black Lives Matters, all results are positive.

In other search engines such as Duck Duck Go, Yahoo, or Microsoft’s Bing, both the full name and initials give a list of suggestions, some of which have negative connotations.

Among the first suggestions are BLM is ActBlue (a company to raise funds for leftist, progressive, or Democratic causes), including BLM is Marxist, BLM is a front, BLM is funded by.

Similarly, the main results on Google when searching for BLM are predominately from left-wing media such as Wikipedia, CNN, and The Guardian.

Some Twitter users pointed out that Google did have a list of suggestions similar to the other search engines, but that it mysteriously disappeared. Breitbart could not independently determine that this was the case. 

Why is this important? In 2016 in much the same way, Google did not come up with any negative suggestions for the search for “Hillary Clinton” despite the popularity of the term, another Breitbart report revealed.

At the time Google said, “Our Autocomplete algorithm will not show a predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in conjunction with a person’s name.” However, it did yield negative results with the search of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. In addition, Black Lives Matters is not a person and therefore Google’s argument would not apply to this situation.

From a conservative point of view, at the end of the day this ends up being a subtle way to influence people’s opinion. When the first 2, 3, 4 or 10 pages of Google results are all from left-wing media, or mainstream media trying to install a narrative on some current issue, how many people can be deceived like this? The “fake news” industry should not be taken lightly.