The Lower House of Japan’s Parliament on Tuesday, Nov. 19, green-lighted President Donald Trump’s U.S. trade deal that would cut tariffs and establish new quotas for American farm goods—but the victory isn’t a sentiment shared by Democrats and numerous left-wing media outlets.

Japan and the United States last month formally signed the limited trade deal to slash tariffs on U.S. farm goods, Japanese machinery, and other products while averting potential threats of higher U.S. car duties, Reuters reported.

The deal, according to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, would bring as much benefit to Japan as it would to the United States—a big victory for President Trump and the American people.

President Donald Trump reached an agreement with Abe on Sept. 25, where the two nations worked together for $40 billion worth of digital trade. The agreement would bar customs duties on products including videos, music, and e-books, according to a Sept. 25 CNBC report.

But the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry against President Trump and the overwhelmingly partisan reports by mainstream media isn’t exactly helping.

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro during a Fox News appearance last month lamented the fact that the media is turning a blind eye to the Trump administration’s economic victories.

“It was the most amazing renegotiation we’ve had with a multilateral organization,” Navarro said to “America’s Newsroom” host Sandra Smith on Oct. 1, following the United States-Japan Trade Agreement and the United States-Japan Digital Trade Agreement negotiations being announced by the White House on Sept. 25.

The White House and Abe explained in a joint statement: “The United States-Japan Trade Agreement will eliminate or reduce tariffs on certain agricultural and industrial products to enhance bilateral trade in a robust, stable, and mutually beneficial manner between our nations, which together account for approximately 30 percent of global gross domestic product.”

The statement continues, “The United States-Japan Digital Trade Agreement establishes high-standard rules in this area, demonstrating the continued leading role that both nations play in global rule-making on digital trade.”

The White House trade adviser said that Americans are in good hands under the Trump administration.

“Together those two Trump wins will net Americans billions of dollars, tens of thousands of jobs,” Navarro said.

Navarro on an Oct. 1 Fox Business op-ed denounced “radical Democrats’ impeachment squad” and American media as a whole are “missing a great presidency” as the rise and fall of news stories revolved around “another politically motivated witch hunt circus.”

“[It] is the simultaneous devolution of America[n] politics and journalism at the sacrifice of important opportunities to improve the lives of Americans,” Navarro pointed out. “What we are missing in the endless witch hunt news cycle is a fair and accurate accounting of what history will surely judge to be one of the greatest presidencies in modern times.”

Navarro expressed his frustration to Smith: “When I looked at the news cycle at night when I got home—crickets!”

“When we have a president who, for three years during the Mueller-Russia witch hunt just did his job, put up great numbers on the economy, great numbers on trade … I mean, Sandra, this was like a beautiful thing for America,” Navarro added. “And, all we got was a news cycle just overwhelmed by what is the second impeachment circus in three years. And, I’m looking at this thinking, ‘This is simply a coup d’état!”


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