Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO testified on Tuesday, Nov. 17,  before Congress that he removed nearly 300,000 tweets related to the elections between Oct. 27 and Nov. 11 according to Fox Business. In addition, the platform tagged and/or removed more than 50 posts by President Donald Trump.

Dorsey, representing Twitter, along with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, had already appeared before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee in late October to answer questions about its questionable content moderation mechanisms.

The announcement and implementation of the new policies by companies, during and after the presidential elections, with the supposed objective of avoiding the propagation of erroneous information, further evidenced the power that platforms usurped to censor content.

And Dorsey argued for censorship based on new policies to prevent the dissemination of alleged misinformation.

If that were really the case, the issue would not seem to be so problematic. But the reality is that the concept of “misinformation” results in something completely biased for Silicon Valley developers, who consider any speech that has a conservative overtone, or that in any way exposes the advances of the left, to be wrong. 

It seems that Democratic representatives and radical left movements have absolute freedom in the networks. As TheBL reported at the time, throughout the election campaign the advantages that Biden’s campaign enjoyed over President Trump’s were overwhelming.

Republican lawmakers have long criticized and warned of the excessive power that social networks have gained. Censorship on these platforms has increased exponentially as their executives use hypocritical speech to defend themselves, claiming to be seeking a clean and free of false information network. However, in practice we only see the implementation of policies of moderation that unfairly target conservative users and publications.

Faced with the situation of abuse by large networks, conservatives are looking for alternatives where they can express themselves freely. An example of this is the recent expansion of the platform Parler, similar to Twitter but concentrated on users with a conservative profile and followers of President Trump who can access all types of information and publications without being censored.

Parler CEO John Matze, spoke with Fox News and assured that users are tired of the censorship of their Silicon Valley rivals and “want to free themselves from data manipulators,” for this reason there would be a massive transfer of users from traditional networks like Twitter to the Parler platform.

Parler became the No. 1 downloaded application in Apple’s App Store during the week of the election and No. 2 in Google Play, according to Fox News.

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